Anna Klaassen #eye#eye

Digital designer & visual artist

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UX / UI / Product

  1. UniSuper RHS
  2. Recover Cover
  3. Open Banking Project
  4. Abacus Plaza
  5. Size dropdown redesign
  6. RONA
  7. CERES Kids

Web / Coding

  1. Artefacts
  2. I am Merri
  3. Aptitude
  4. RMIT Club Hub


Sculpture / Installation

  1. Tracing and Constructing Form
  2. Scale and Repair
  3. Moving Soil

3D modelling

  1. David

Photography / Painting

  1. Solarized Forms
  2. The Studio
  3. Abstracted Image
  4. Colour Charts
  5. Blue Prints

Kippie Ceramics︎︎︎

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Anna Klaassen

Digital designer & visual artist

a caucasian woman with blond hair and glasses, smiling while facing the camera

🏠 Utrecht, Netherlands
📍  Stockholm, Sweden

Hi, I’m Anna 👋

I am a digital designer specialising in UX/UI design, inclusive design, and experimental web design and development.

I am passionate about creating interactive experiences with creativity and accessibility at front of mind. By improving the way we access and use interfaces, I strive to create meaningful desktop and mobile experiences.

Throughout my artist career, I have explored a wide range of mediums such as sculpture, photography and painting. My body of work often explored concepts relating to form, colour, composition and the body. Currently, I am practicing ceramics alongside my design career.


📍Melbourne, Australia
  • UX & Product Designer at Deloitte Digital 2022 - 2024
  • Freelance work for RMIT Club Hub 2022
  • CX/UX Intern at Suncorp Innovation Studio 2021 - 2022
  • Digital Media Studio Assistant at RMIT Design Faculty 2021 - 2022


📍Melbourne, Australia
  • Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) at RMIT University class of 2022
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts at Monash University class of 2018


  • Figma
  • FigJam, Miro, Balsamiq
  • Conceptual and design thinking
  • UX research methodologies
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Blender, Unity, Rhino 3D
  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Resume can be provided upon request 😊