Anna Klaassen Digital designer / Visual artist


︎︎︎ 2020
︎︎︎ UX/UI
︎︎︎ Tablet

  • High-fidelity screens
  • Promotional video
  • Website report
My tasks
  • Wireframing and low fidelity prototyping
  • Website design
  • Adobe Illustrator, XD
  • Adobe Premiere pro, After Effects


The Centre for Education and Research into Environmental Strategies (CERES) is seeking ways to engage new audiences with environmental awareness in the home, especially through the design of smart homes that have low ecological and carbon footprints. Of particular importance is research into the Internet of Things or (IOT) and associated devices. CERES has a very active role coordinating with school groups and education programs about environmental strategies.

CERES is offering a budget of up to $5000 for you to pitch to, to develop an interactive prototype that can be demonstrated in their model eco-house, or wider grounds, especially to school groups and education programs. The prototype should demonstrate functionality around the use of at least one IOT device in the home to achieve a smaller carbon footprint, either by directly interfacing with energy consumption and devices, or by explicit education and awareness techniques. You might look into voice activation.

A smart-device app prototype must be involved in the proposed solution.


Collaboratively we created CERES KIDS which is an educational iPad app that informs children, between 6-12 years old, about the smart home model while visiting the CERES grounds. Through interactive activities, users will learn eco-friendly strategies and increase their environmental awareness in the home. The app also features information about sustainability at CERES, instructions for each activity and an admin page for teachers and CERES staff.


Promotional video

Final app screens

Website report

In collaboration with: Enshan Hooi, Lauren Abineri & Clay Zhou