Anna Klaassen

Digital designer & visual artist

Scale and Repair

︎︎︎ 2015
︎︎︎ Fabric and thread
︎︎︎ Various dimensions

For the project Scale and Repair I experimented with sewing and fabrics. It was a medium that I was curious about and found interesting as I had never used it before. I was interested in Louis Bourgeois’s fabric works as she used wearable materials such as stockings to make an artwork. Annette Messager was the most inspiring artist due to her large body of fabric work. I thought it was the way she suspended her fabric works with string from the ceiling was very effective, which is something I ended up doing in my final work as well. At the beginning I made a ‘creature’ from a couple of items of clothing. Then I began to sew items of used clothing together and suspended it from the ceiling. I continued to work on this piece, producing it on a larger scale. I made several models that could have been potential ways to present it. I choose a space to build my art around, making sure that the work suited the space. Sewing the pieces of clothing together symbolises repair, and the scale element is portrayed in its size. The clothes I used were worn before and second hand, there original purpose was to be worn and cover the body. In this work, the purpose of these items had changed to becoming a sculpture. This sculpture has feminine, calming and motherly elements to it, as it gives a protective feeling to the viewer who is walking beside it. This is an interactive piece and is allowed to be touched. It is encouraged to feel the fabrics, walk around the sculptures and view the details of the piece up close. I took close up photographs of the piece, showing the details of the fabric. When I finished the first piece, I produced another one. Both works are floating in the space and they are portrayed like brother and sister.