Anna Klaassen

Digital designer & visual artist


︎︎︎ 2021
︎︎︎ Web design


When I first visited the Merri Creek near my home, I was surprised to notice the amount of rubbish lying around in the water, bushes and vegetation. It was more rubbish than I expected and stood out as it was contrasted against the natural environment and surroundings. Whether I liked it or not, these disruptive human-made objects had become part of the landscape.


As the objects will take hundreds and thousands of years to decompose in this environment, I was thinking about how these objects could be perceived in 500 years time by future generations.I decided to observe these objects from an archeological perspective and represent them as historical artefacts that humans have left behind while walking through the site. I created a webpage that shows all the objects I found during a specific time period and area, and added descriptions which mimic the writing structure of other archeological websites. The drawing background behind the objects represents how we leave a human footprint behind to the places we go and the "messiness" it creates. Although this could be perceived as a quirky representation of waste, I am hoping this project will give the viewer an insight into the consequences of human existence and how we as a species affect our environment and ecosystem.


  • p5.js
  • Adobe Photoshop