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Anna Klaassen

Digital designer & visual artist

I am Merri

︎︎︎ 2021
︎︎︎ Web design


Throughout my fieldwork I would actively listen and observe the creek and its environment. As I was discovering the many interesting qualities of the Merri Creek, the site was becoming more "alive" compared to my previous visits. This gave me the inspiration to create a personified version of the creek, as if it were human. In this website, the creek is able to communicate with the viewer through prompts which are get-to-know-me questions. The pop-up answers give an insight into the personality of Merri and are informative of its history, location and ecosystem.


The colour, font and text choices are purposely playful, in order to create authenticity and an optimistic atmosphere. All the photographs were taken during my walks and change with each question to compliment the answer. The ripple overlay effect and yellow dot resemble the patterns that would be created by Wattle blossoms falling into the water, which was one of my most inspiring observations. It was important to me to create a cheerful work, as I wanted to show my appreciation for the Merri Creek and the joy I've had in visiting it so far.


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript