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Anna Klaassen

Digital designer & visual artist

Recover Cover

two phones displaying new Recover Cover pages
︎︎︎ 2023

︎︎︎ UX/UI
︎︎︎ Mobile
Improving friction points in the HCF Recover Cover landing page* through Experimentation Design practices. I created two design variations, ready for A/B testing.

Current state review
  • Heavy copy and long pieces of text
  • Lacking scan-ability and natural page flow
  • Product tiles are not distinguished from other content
  • Users are unable to find the right product for them
  • Content is not tailored for a mobile device.

Main changes implemented
  • Reframed Recovery Cover and product discovery
  • Allowed users to click through to a product page
  • Helped users understand which cover is right for their needs
  • Removed grey border and reduced page length.

Implementations across both variations

Hero banner

Opportunity for improvement: The hero takes up a lot of space and does not explain what Recover Cover is.

  • Framed the product into the hero
  • Added subheader text to add context
  • Added a button to direct the user straight to the product tiles.

Current state
Variation 1 & 2

USPs supported by icons

Opportunity for improvement: The Recover Cover description is long, text heavy and is lacking scan-ability. The call button enourages users to contact the call centre rather than scrolling further through the page. This could result in overwhelming their customer service team.

  • Created a shorter summary to cut down content
  • Added icons as visual cues and better scan-ability
  • Removed “call” button to keep users on the page. If direct contact support is needed, the phone number is in the footer.

Current state
Variation 1 & 2

Awards content block

Opportunity for improvement: Increase trust with customers by placing awards onto the page.

  • Created an “award-winning cover” content block that shows all award badges.

Current state

Variation 1 & 2

FAQs accordion

Opportunity for improvement: The FAQs section is long and needs to be reorganised to reduce page length and add structure.

  • Placed FAQs in an accordion.

Current state

Variation 1 & 2

Product list and cards

Opportunity for improvement: The current product tiles do not look like product options. There is an opportunity to combine both product sections to create a more intuitive experience for the user. This will also allow for a shorter page length.

  • Combined two content blocks from the current version and created one “Find the right product for you” content block
  • Recreated the structure of the product tiles. Rewrote content into short points, added age range and included price
  • Split the products into 3 HCF life stages: Family, Young adults and Over 55. This was added to the product tiles to prioritise life focussed content.

Variation 1

Dividing products into life stages with the ability to scroll through.

Current state
Variation 1

Variation 2

Ability to filter products based on life stage.

Current state
Variation 2

* The landing page was its current state in 2022. This was a self directed project and not implemented by the client.